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Shanghai Doan Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd is a asphalt mixing plant manufacturing factory ,which is specialized in manufacturing Various types of asphalt mixing plant.
we own dozens of advanced production lines and advanced production technology and high quality professional management talents to ensure excellent product quality.

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app asphalt membrane

GAF | App Membrane

Roofing Products Products Modified Bitumen Roofing APP Membranes APP Membranes Tough, resilient, modified bitumen membranes manufactured to stringent GAF specifications.

APP Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems - IKO Commercial

APP Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems. IKO APP Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems are asphalt based and constructed of a tough non-woven reinforced polyester mat strengthened with select glass fiber strands treated with Atactic Polypropylene (APP) polymers to impart “plastic” type qualities. IKO Armourplast™ Classic and Armourplast Granular APP modified...

APP Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems Installed in ...

APP modified bitumen is asphalt with APP (Atactic Polypropylene) added to give it some plastic properties. APP is a thermoplastic polymer. When added to bitumen, atactic polypropylene: APP membranes can have a smooth surface or include surfacing material such as aluminum, copper or mineral granules.


With Tradesman SBS-modified bitumen roofing materials, determining when the sheet is properly heated is simplified. When the plastic burn-off sheet is melted away, and the SBS-modified membrane has a gooey consistency, the sheet is ready to be rolled into place.

Membranes - jm

DIBITEN is a superior APP modified bitumen membrane reinforced with a high-quality nonwoven polyester mat and is one of the finest heat weld applied modified bitumen membranes ever produced not only for residential roofing but for commercial and industrial roofing as well.

APP/SBS asphalt membrane & bitumen membrane machinery

SBS/APP Modified Bitumen Membrane (Bituminous Membrane) is widely used in industrial and civil buildings, such as roof, basement, toilet, bridge, park, swimming pool, tunnel for waterproof and moistureproof. Bitumen is kind of hydrocarbon and is created naturally from crude oil. It is a useful carbon store and does not generate greenhouse gases.

APP Roofing Systems - Firestone Building Products

APP Roofing Systems. Firestone APP Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems are available in a variety of thicknesses in smooth and granule surfaces. Reinforced with a tough, non-woven polyester mat, Firestone APP membranes deliver superior rooftop performance for both new and reroof applications.

App Bitumen Membrane Ce Wholesale, Bitumen Membrane ...

APP modified bitumen waterproof membrane is specially suitable to the building waterproofing in cold area and to the buildings of changeable constructions, while APP specially suitable to high temperature and strong sun-shining.

Membranes - jm

DIBITEN is a superior APP modified bitumen membrane reinforced with a high-quality nonwoven polyester mat and is one of the finest heat weld applied modified bitumen membranes ever produced not only for residential roofing but for commercial and industrial roofing as well.

Polymer-modified bitumen sheet membranes | Everybody …

Polymer-modified bitumen sheet membranes. SBS polymer-modified bitumen membranes commonly are installed in hot moppings of asphalt (similar to BUR systems) or cold adhesive. Some SBS modified membranes are self adhering; that is, they contain an adhesive backing. APP polymer-modified bitumen membranes typically are heat-welded...

APP asphalt roofing membrane, View app modified bitumen ...

APP waterproof bitumen membrane APP waterproof membrane is a high quality polymer-rich APP modified bituminous torch-on membrane with a reinforcement core of spun-bond non-woven polyester mat. Used for waterproofing of roofs, balconies, Multi-storey car parks and any concreted or cemented flat surface that need waterproofing in building and civil engineering projects.

Asphalt Roofing Systems - Firestone Building Products

ASPHALT ROOFING SYSTEMS. Firestone offers a diverse product line of base ply, and cap sheets reinforced with fiberglass or polyester and suitable of being installed in hot asphalt, cold adhesive or a roofing torch. Along with membranes to meet almost any roofing condition, we offer a wide range of accessories and installation tools,...

APP Bitumen Membrane - Build Care Waterproofing …

APP Bitumen Membrane. It is resistant to high temperature and water. It have high tensile strength so it shows high elongation capacity, which adapts to the contraction or crack of the base. APP Bitumen sheets are dry, strong, smooth, brittle, tensile and it have beautiful clean base too. It can survive in any atmospheric conditions,...

APP Membrane - APP Roof Membrane Latest Price ...

TORCH TAR APP membrane is a superior , high performance prefabricated , modified bitumen membrane consisting of proprietary waterproofing compound reinforced with spun bonded Non woven polyester mat. Torch Tar proprietary waterproofing compound is formulated with select bitumen modified with Attactic Polypropylene (APP) for greater elasticity ,

GAF | Ruberoid Torch Smooth Membrane

Its core is a strong, resilient non-woven polyester mat that is coated with weather-resistant, APP polymer-modified asphalt. The membrane is available with a smooth surface. RUBEROID ® TORCH SMOOTH Membrane is backed by GAF, a company with over 130 years in the roofing business.

APP Waterproofing membrane - Rexe Roofing Products Ltd

APP Waterproofing membranes. APP waterproofing membranes provide superior tensile strength while maintaining critical flexibility – even in the coldest environments. Additionally, with APP roofing membranes (coated with a proprietary blend of asphalt and atactic polypropylene), contractors now have an efficient mode of application by heat welding.

SBS/APP asphalt membrane production line, High Quality ...

The system can produce SBS, APP modified asphalt waterproofing membrane with several . specifications. Base mat: polyester mat, fiberglass mat. Surface: Sand, Mineralgrain PE or Aluminium. 3. Main Equipment System. The equipment mainly includes five parts: 1). Coiled material production line. 2). Bitumen modification preparation system. 3).


APP BITUMEN & SBS SHEET MEMBRANES (SHELTERBIT SHEET MEMBRANES) The Sheet Membrane range of waterproofing products incorporates bituminous sheet membranes for a wide variety of roofing and tanking situations. The range comprises both APP and SBS torch applied products. Details for each product are contained in the individual Product Data Sheet.

Modified Bitumen (SBS or APP) – Lloyd Roofing Company, Inc.

Home / Services / Modified Bitumen (SBS or APP) GET IN TOUCH A modified bitumen membrane (MBS) roof is a system developed by taking the qualities of a …

Modified Bitumen - Roofing Contractor

Modified bitumen systems are popular today for various reasons. ... APP (Atactic Polypropolyene) “plastic” modifier additive is combined with the asphalt to provide a tougher, better weathering asphalt coating that can be heat welded or applied with cold adhesive. ... Do modified bitumen membrane systems handle abuse?

Torch APP membrane asphalt roll roofing, View China ...

asphalt waterproofing roof sheet polyester waterproof material membrane sheet rolls asphalt roof waterproof membrane waterproof roll membrane roofing membrane asphalt black roof paper suppliers Weifang Xuxin Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd.

Bituminous waterproofing - Wikipedia

Roofing felt. Mineral granules make up the self-protective top layer, with a final bituminous mixture encapsulating them both. Typical uses of felt paper are as an underlay (ment) ( sarking) beneath other building materials, particularly roofing and siding materials, and is one type of membrane used in asphalt built up roofing (BUR) systems.

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